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Clarisse 3.6 User Guide

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Importing geometry

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We are now going to import a geometry in our project. Go to File > Import > Geometry... and select content/tutorials/objects/spaceship_sds.obj in the file browser.



As you can see our geometry is now rendered in the Image View.



Look at Filename attribute, under Path category in the Attribute Editor. You'll see the file path to the Wavefront OBJ file we've just imported. In Clarisse, imported geometries are only defined by a path referencing external files. This allows you to replace your geometries with another one, or edit it in an external application without loosing your work. By default path is absolute, you can make it relative to your project or to a content directory using environment variables: $PDIR to make it relative to the project, or the content directory using $CDIR.


We are now going to turn on Subdivision surfaces. Go to Subdivision Surfaces category and check Enable Subdivision Surface attribute. Set Raytrace Tessellation Level to 2 to increase the mesh smoothness.



To orbit the viewpoint, press Alt and Click in the 3D View. Drag in any direction to orbit around the center of interest. To move the viewpoint, press Alt + Middle click in the 3D View. Drag in any direction to move both the viewpoint and its center of interest in the view plane. To move forward or backward,  press Alt + Right click in the 3D View. Drag right or down to move forward, and left or up to move backward.



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