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Clarisse 4.0 User Guide

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Organizing items

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If you look at the Browser, things are a little messy. We have many different objects  (lights, renderers, geometries, materials... ), all around the place. We will now see how Contexts can be used to sort and organize our project the way we want. For now, just imagine Contexts as folders.


Creating our first context

Creating our first context


Right click in the browser and create a New... > Context. Rename it to materials,  and create another one named geometry.


We will now move our items into our new contexts. To move items just select and drag and drop them in the context. Now move both redpaint_mat and glass_mat in materials and spaceship_sds to geometry. We can also add a light context and move our two lights inside, as well as an environment context and move sphere and gradient inside.


Inside the context material, let's create two new contexts that we will name redpaint and glass, and move corresponding materials inside.


The final context structure with the glass material

The final context structure with the glass material


Select the glass context and select glass_mat. In the Attribute Editor, click on the checker next to Reflection and Create Here > Incidence. This popup creation menu appears only if you have set Object Selection Mode to Use Popup Menu under User Interface tab from Preferences panel.



We've just created an incidence texture (two colors varying along the angle of incidence) which is connected to the Reflection. In our image we can now see our environment sphere reflected on the cockpit. To adjust the incidence, you can select the incidence texture by clicking the little arrow next to the checker or select it in the browser.


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