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Output in the console a XML summary of the project. The output XML describes file dependencies, images, layers and project settings from an input project. This argument is extremely useful if you wish to integrate Clarisse in an asset management system or a render farm controller.

With the XML output you have a quick and parse-easy description of any Clarisse project or Render Archive. Here is the resulting XML from an input project file:



Except for -search_path all other arguments are ignored when using -info


Tag Description
<project> Defines a project or a render archive.
<filename> Defines the input filename used to generate the xml.
<version> Defines the clarisse xml output file version.
<dependencies> Lists project external dependencies.
<file> Defines a path to file. Inside <dependencies> this defines an external file dependency.
<image> Defines a Clarisse image.
<name> Defines, inside a block, the absolute name of the item in Clarisse project.
<output> Defines the image output path.
<format> Defines the saved image format.
<save_to_disk> If 1, the image is flagged to be saved to disk, 0 otherwise.
<start_frame> Defines the sequence start frame.
<end_frame> Defines the sequence end frame.
<frame_step> Defines the sequence frame step.
<gamma> If 1 a sRGB LUT is applied prior saving the image to disk.
<layer> Defines a Clarisse image layer. Layers are always embedded within an <image> block.
<visible> Defines layer visibility. If 0, the layer is hidden and is unlikely evaluated. Note: a hidden layer still can be explicitly evaluated by the using of override arguments.
<settings> Defines project settings.
<fps> Sets the animation frame per second.
<motion_blur_sample> Sets the number of time samples used for motion blur.
<motion_blur_direction> Sets the direction of the motion blur.
<motion_blur_length> Sets the length of the motion blur.
<texture_cache> Sets the size on the texture cache in MB (Megabytes)