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-tile_rendering tile_count tile_index

Splits images into multiple tiles based on the input tile number and renders the specified tile number.

Sometimes you are not necessarily working on a sequence of frames and it can be very useful to distribute a single frame on multiple machines to speed up render times.

Argument Description
tile_count split the frame into the specified number of tiles
tile_index render the specified tile index


Tile rendering deactivate kernel filters (such as Gaussian Blur or OptiX Denoiser) as they need the whole image to be processed.


Let's say we want to split our renders into 16 tiles and render the tile number 2. We would use the following command line:

cnode my_scene.project -tile_rendering 16 2

Now assuming the filename of the image to render is my_render, the rendered frame is 50 and the extension is set to EXR the resulting filename of the tile will be:


Now if you checked Split Aovs In Separate Files in the Preferences Panel and you rendered diffuse and specular AOVs you will get:


It's actually pretty simple. The tile identifier is always appended after the filename and before the extension.

For example, if you image name is my_render####, the rendered frame 50 and the extension EXR, the result will be:



The tile_index is padded to the same length as tile_count. So if you have 500 tiles then tile_index is padded with 3 digits: 000

Let's say we would like to render the image below on 8 machines:

Final Render

To do so you we need to specify on machine 1:

cnode bike.project -tile_rendering 8 1

On machine 2

cnode bike.project -tile_rendering 8 2

and so on until machine 8:

cnode bike.project -tile_rendering 8 8

We would then get 8 different renders which would form the final render when combined:

cnode bikeproject tilerendering 8 1

cnode bikeproject tilerendering 8 2

cnode bikeproject tilerendering 8 3

cnode bikeproject tilerendering 8 4

cnode bikeproject tilerendering 8 5

cnode bikeproject tilerendering 8 6

cnode bikeproject tilerendering 8 7

cnode bikeproject tilerendering 8 8


CNode only saves the tiles. To get your final reconstructed image you currently need to merge all tiles using a compositing package.