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Using the Render Cache#

CNode provides a render cache feature (disabled by default) to resume interrupted renders or extract images from in-progress or partial renders.

To enable the render cache you simply need to add the argument -enable_render_cache:

cnode my.project -enable_render_cache

When the render cache is enabled, CNode stores in-progress version of the current render to disk in a special cache format. It is then possible to extract images directly from the cache using the dedicated crcache tool provided with Clarisse binaries. For more information, please refer to crcache command line help.

The render cache can also used by CNode to resume renders that would be incomplete because of interrupted by the user or because of a crash. In that case, CNode will pick up the render where it was left before the interruption. To enable this mode simply add the argument -recover:

cnode my.project -recover

Please note it is possible to activate the recover feature along with the render cache. That way CNode will resume incomplete renders and create a render cache for following the renders:

cnode my.project -recover -enable_render_cache


By default, the render cache files are automatically deleted when the final frame is outputted. You can change this behavior by using the -keep_render_cache argument.

Render Cache Files And Location#

By default, the render cache files are stored in the same location as the final frames.

However, it is possible to change this default behavior by specifying a custom location using the -render_cache_location argument:

cnode my.project -recover -enable_render_cache -render_cache_location "/path/to/render/cache"

The specified location can also be relative to the render target locations by specifying the argument -relative_render_cache_location:

cnode my.project -enable_render_cache -render_cache_location "relative/render/cache/location" -relative_render_cache_location

!!! Note You can force CNode to generate the directories of the render cache location by specifying the -generate_render_cache_location argument to CNode.

Keeping The Render Cache#

By default, the render cache is automatically deleted from the file system once the final render is fully completed and the output frame is stored to disk. Specifying -keep_render_cache argument forces CNode to leave the render cache on disk even if the render is complete.