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00:00:08    408/408MB  Building mesh object 'tunnel2' in 1.11 s.
00:00:08    408/408MB  Building smoothed geometry of object
00:00:08    408/408MB  'project://canyon/envset/ground' in 0.004 s.
00:00:08    410/410MB  Building surface topology of object
00:00:08    410/410MB 'project://canyon/spaceships/spaceship_R' in 0.01 s.
00:00:08    411/411MB  Building surface geometry of object 'project://canyon/
00:00:08    411/411MB  spaceships/spaceship_R' in 0.016 s.
00:00:08    412/412MB  Building surface uv maps of object 'project://canyon/
00:00:08    412/412MB  spaceships/spaceship_R' in 0.035 s.
00:00:08    415/415MB  Building tessellation topology of object 'project://
00:00:08    415/415MB  canyon/spaceships/spaceship_R' in 0.003 s.
00:00:08    417/417MB  WARNING: Building mesh object 'point_trimmed': the
00:00:08    417/417MB  triangulation has detected 27257 degenerated triangles