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The color layer creates a uniform color layer.

Public Attributes#

Type Name Visual Hint Description
double[3] color VISUAL_HINT_COLOR Set layer color.
double alpha VISUAL_HINT_PERCENTAGE Set layer alpha.

Inherited Public Attributes#

Type Name Visual Hint Description
long blending VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT Set the blending mode of current layer. Depending on the mode the layer will blend differently over the bottom layer. Blending mode has no effect if there's only one layer in the image.
double opacity VISUAL_HINT_PERCENTAGE Set the opacity of the layer. An opacity value of 50% will make the layer 50% transparent.
long[2] pre_filter_offset VISUAL_HINT_PIXEL Pre-filtered position of the layer in the canvas. This position the one before filtering. Each time the layer is translated, filters are reapplied.
long limited_region_mode VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT Uses the limited region set by the parent image or the region set below.
double[4] limited_region VISUAL_HINT_PERCENTAGE Region of interest to be rendered: x, y, width, height in percentages of the image visible window size.
bool use_image_margin VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT
long margin_mode VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT Set the mode to use to determine the size of the overscan.
long[4] margin_pixel VISUAL_HINT_PIXEL Set the overscan for the current layer: Left, Top, Right, Bottom
double[4] margin_ratio VISUAL_HINT_PERCENTAGE Set the overscan for the current layer: Left, Top, Right, Bottom
object[] (ImageFilter) filters VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT List of image filters that are applied to the layer. This filters are applied procedurally. Each time the layer is modified, all the filters in list are reapplied to the layer.
string output_layer VISUAL_HINT_TAG Select the aov channel to use RGBA. Other channels are discarded. Selecting 'all' disable the filter.
long alpha_channel VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT Use default: the 4th channel of the output layer is used as alpha. Use custom channel: the channel specified below is used as alpha.
string custom_channel_name VISUAL_HINT_ENUM The specified channel will be written in the alpha channel
bool render_to_disk VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT If checked, the image is flagged to be rendered and saved to disk at the specified output path. Note the image supports rendering sequences. If you wish to export a still, make sure first frame and last frame have the same value.
string save_as VISUAL_HINT_FILENAME_SAVE Set the image output filename, without file extension. Please note that the frame number is automatically appended to the filename.
long first_frame VISUAL_HINT_FRAME Set the first output render frame range. If set to 10, the rendering of the image will start at frame 10.
long last_frame VISUAL_HINT_FRAME Set the last output render frame range. If set to 20, the rendering of the image will stop at frame 20.
long frame_step VISUAL_HINT_FRAME Set the output render frame step. The frame step is simply the frame increment between two renders in the frame range defined by first and last frame.
long format VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT Image output fileformat.
string LUT VISUAL_HINT_ENUM Select the color correction to apply to the output image.
long open_exr_output_compression_mode VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT Set the OpenEXR output compression mode.
string metadata VISUAL_HINT_SCRIPT Declare custom metadata to write in the EXR header.


class "LayerColor" "Layer" {
    #version 0.9
    icon "../icons/object_icons/layer_color.iconrc"
    doc "The color layer creates a uniform color layer."
    attribute_group "color" {
        color "color" {
            doc "Set layer color."
            animatable yes
            value 1 1 1
        percentage "alpha" {
            doc "Set layer alpha."
            animatable yes
            numeric_range yes 0.0 1
            ui_range yes 0.0 1
            value 1
    set "comp_mode" {
        private no
        hidden yes
        saveable yes
        texturable no
        animatable no
        slider no
        numeric_range no 0.0 1
        ui_range no 0.0 1
        dg_active yes
        dg_cyclic no
        dirtiness_pass_through no
        read_only no
        shading_variable no
        experimental no
        advanced no
        overriden no
        promote_attribute no
        allow_expression yes
        localizable yes
        preset "Resize" "0"
        preset "No Resize" "1"
        value 0