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(Python 3)

  • Default object name: python_3
  • Inherits from: Scripting

No corresponding User page.


Binding of the Python 3.x language to Clarisse's API.

Inherited Public Attributes#

Type Name Visual Hint Description
string language VISUAL_HINT_DEFAULT


class "ScriptingPython3" "Scripting" {
    #version 1
    icon "../icons/object_icons/script_python.iconrc"
    doc "Binding of the Python 3.x language to Clarisse\'s API."
    set "language" {
        private no
        hidden no
        saveable yes
        texturable no
        animatable no
        slider no
        numeric_range no 0.0 1
        ui_range no 0.0 1
        dg_active yes
        dg_cyclic no
        dirtiness_pass_through no
        read_only no
        shading_variable no
        experimental no
        advanced no
        overriden no
        promote_attribute no
        allow_expression yes
        localizable yes
        value "Python3"