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  • Default object name: group

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A simple group (list) of ProjectItem. Group are extremely useful and are often used to set rendering visibility. If you delete an item referenced in a group, it is automatically removed for you. Please note groups can be empty and that you can't group groups.


Name Type Description
Search Paths reference (SearchPath) Use the input object to retrieve search paths. If none then the current context is used.
Input Context reference Specify the context for object lookup. Group will only be able to gather objects contained in that context.
Update Mode long Specifies if the group reacts to changes to update its references ('Automatic'), or if it acts like a static cache of references ('Manual').
Refresh action
Filter string Set the filter attribute to specify which class of objects the group can reference. If none is specified, group will behave as if ProjectItem was specified.
Inclusion Rule string Rule filter which defines which objects to include in the group.
Inclusion Items reference (ProjectItem) List of items to be referenced by the group.
Exclusion Rule string Rule filter which defines which objects to exclude from the group.
Exclusion Items reference (ProjectItem) List of items to be excluded from the group.
Result Filter string Final exclusion step to remove additional items from the result.
References reference (ProjectItem) List of items that are currently referenced by the group, resulting from inclusion and exclusion setup parameters of the group.