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  • Category: Image
  • Default object name: render

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Renders a 3D scene - requires an input RenderScene node


Name Type Description
Thumbnail bool Enable/Disable the display of the node thumbnail in the Build View.
Thumbnail Size double Set the size of the thumbnail in the Build View.
Caching long Cache result of this node
Clear Cache action Clear the internal image cached by the node. If you clear the image cache, the node will request an evaluation when displayed by the Image View.
Scene reference (RenderScene) Input Render Scene to render.
Resolution Preset string
Width long
Height long
Data Window long[4]
Enable Deep Rendering long Render the deep or not according to the mode.
Deep Channels long Only the selected channels will be written out.
Deep Raw Samples bool If checked, samples are not post-processed (merged/alpha-blended).
Deep Data Precision long Data channels will be stored using the selected data format. Depth channels are not impacted: they are always stored using 32-bit precision.
Merge Threshold double If the Z distance between two samples is lower than the threshold, the samples will be merged.
Max Sample Count long If set, the number of samples per pixel will be limited. Samples farthest from the camera will be ignored.