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Clone Stamp 3d#


  • Category: Create
  • Default object name: clone_stamp_3d

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Stamp Scene Objects on other scene objects. Creates objects references with localized attributes.


Name Type Description
Opacity Threshold double Set the threshold value under which the object is considered transparent therefore not selectable.
Groups reference (Group) List of groups of scene items to be used as stamp. The chosen group feeds the 'sources' list below.
Sources reference (SceneItem) List of scene items to be used as stamp. Items are randomly chosen from the list.
Geometry Group reference (Group) Group of scene objects we can apply stamp on.
Cloning Mode long Define what kind of items clone stamp 3d will create.
Clone Path long Define the location of the clone items.
Clone Context string Location of the clone items when in User mode.
Constrain To Surface bool Constrain the clone to stay on hit surface (create a ConstraintSurface fo each clone).
Align To Normal bool Cloned item rotation depends on the normal at the clicked object intersection point.
Snap Default Plane long Snap plane when no surface is hit.
Rotation Variance double[3] Random rotation value applied to pasted instances.
Rotation Step double[3] Rotation step applied to the random rotation. All rotation are multiples of the step.
Scaling Variance double[3] Random scale value applied to pasted instances.
Uniform Scaling Variance double Random scale value applied to pasted instances (same in all XYZ directions).
Translation Variance double[3] Random translate value applied to pasted instances.