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A spot light is a plane light which the illumination is constrained within a cone. You can control both Cone Angle and Falloff Angle and the size of the spot can be modified using the Radius attribute.

Falloff Angle set to 5 degrees

Falloff Angle set to 20 degrees

Projection Mode#

Spot lights have two projection modes used to evaluate the projected color: Legacy Area and Lens Defocus.

Legacy Area#

Legacy Area mode can be used to project a gobo map or fake a simple projector but has limited control.

Projection Mode set to *Legacy Area*

Projection Mode set to Legacy Area

Lens Defocus#

Lens Defocus mode turns the light into a realistic thin-lens spot light. It can be used to simulate accurate projection effects on which you can set the distance on which the texture is in focus.

Lens Defocus focus to 1m

Lens Defocus focus to 25m