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The Ruler tool allows you to measure distances between two points in world space. Holding V key allows to snap on vertices. Hold Shift to display world positions of the extremities or Ctrl to display the eye distances instead.

Measuring two points in world space

Measuring two points in world space

It is possible to output the distance in the application log window or copying the values to the clipboard using the Tool Options widget or by double-clicking on the tool icon in the toolbar.

Option Description
Log Information Output the distance when the mouse button is released
Copy To Clipboard Copy the values to the clipboard.
World Position Display world positions
Eye Distance Display eye distances (distance to camera)
Precision Set the maximum number of digits for the decimal part of displayed numbers.

Copy To Clipboard#

It is possible to copy measured values to clipboard by using the Copy To Clipboard option.

Value Description
None Disable the feature.
Distance Copy the/img/using-clarisse/user-interface/tools/
World Position Copy the world position to the clipboard
Eye Distance Copy the eye/img/using-clarisse/user-interface/tools/