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The Select tool allows you to select scene items. This manipulator is bound to the Q key. To select an item just click on it in the view.

You can also use Shift and Ctrl to add/remove items from the selection.

Alternatively, it is also possible to select multiple items by drawing a selection marquee. To initiate a selection marquee, simply click and drag to draw the rectangle marquee. The tool will select any items that are intersecting the marquee.

It is possible to further control the behavior of the tool using the Tool Options widget or by double-clicking on the tool icon in the toolbar.

Option Description
Pick Mode Define the behavior of the select tool when multiple objects are under the mouse.
Opacity Threshold Set the opacity threshold under which the picked item is considered as invisible and therefore not selectable. For more information please refer to Picking Transparent Items.

Selection Mode#

The Select tool allows you to control the behavior of the tool when clicking on an area that contains multiple items. By default, the Select tool selects the closest one to the camera.

However it is possible to change this mode to display a list all potential selectable items. To enable this mode, set Pick Mode to Manual. Switch it back to Auto for the default behavior.