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Variable Editor#

The Variable Editor is a dedicated widget that allows you to create, inspect or manage global variables. Please refer to Global Variables for more information.

Variable Editor

The Variable Editor

(1) Menu Bar (2) Variable Tabs (3) Variable List (4) Variable Name (5) Variable Value (6) Variable Type (7) Variable Unit (8) Min/Max Range (9) Preset List (10) Set or Add a variable (11) Filter Variable Display


Only Custom Variables can be edited/created. System and Built-in are read-only and can't be modified by the user.

Adding Custom Variables#

To add a custom variable, make sure to select the empty area in the variable list. Then type the name of your variable, its value.

Additionally you can set the type (6), unit (7), min-max range (8) (when type is set to a numeric one) and associate values to labels (9). This additional information is a user interface display hint used to properly display the variable when promoted to the selection toolbar. For more information on how to promote variables please refer here.

To create your variable just press Add button (10) to create it.

Creating preset values#

Preset values allows to bind values to label to display the variable as a list label when promoted to the selection toolbar. For example, let’s say we want to create a numeric variable named quality used to drive Sampling Quality. Instead of showing the variable as a number to the user, we would like to to display it as a list of presets such as Off, Low, Medium, High with each preset bound to the respective following values 0.0, 0.2, 0.5, 1.0

To do this we simply have to set as Preset Values:


When promoted to the selection toolbar, quality will be displayed like this:

BUiLDER Variables

Setting Custom Variables#

You can set the value or rename an existing variable by selecting a variable in the Variable list (3) and changing either its name (4) and/or its value (5). Press Set button (10) to set your variable.

Deleting Custom Variables#

To delete a variable, select the variable in the Variable list (3) and press Delete in the menu bar (1). This is not a undo-able action, once a variable is deleted, you will have to recreate it.

Deleting All Custom Variables#

To delete all custom variables, press Clear in the menu bar (1). This is not a undo-able action, once variables are deleted, you will have to recreate all of them.

Loading/Saving Custom Variables#

You can load a set of predefined custom variables by clicking on File > Load... in the menu bar section (1). When you load a variable set, new variables are appended to the current ones.

Existing variables are set to the new value defined in the file. If you wish to replace the current set of variables, press Clear before loading your variable set.

To save your set of custom variables in a file by clicking on File > Save... in the menu bar section (1). The file format is pretty straight forward, there is one variable per line and the syntax is defined as:

VARIABLE_NAME1 "a value"
VARIABLE_NAME2 "another value"
VARIABLE_NAME3 "a third value"

Filtering Variables#

Using (11) you can filter the variable displayed in the Variable Editor. Just type the name of the variables you wish to keep in the editor to filter out other variables.